Security is our number one concern. With our service, we put you in control of who can access which parts of your system. Similar users can be put into groups, to easily administer and control their level of access.



In current times, no device is like the other, and everyone sets his own standards. To embrace that, we offer a fully connected cross-platform solution. Whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows, Linux or Chrome OS: nothing stands between you and BYOD (Bring your own device).


Exam Mode

Set devices to exam mode, blocking all unwanted functions during the exam, but leaving necessary apps/programs open for use.


Cloud or on premises

Administrate your data yourself on the local premises, or use our extensive cloud services.


Digital Signage

Easily adjust and distribute important information via public screens.



Our system is easily hooked up to your infrastructure. Regardless if it's Office 365, printers, displays or even the firewall - a fast and simple communication among the different instances leads to a barrier-free process.


Servers in Germany or Switzerland

To be able to cover all data protection rules, we have hosting service in Germany and Switzerland.